Strategic writing has become one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace today. Its importance has become so predominant that some employers nowadays list it as a pre-condition to getting a job. If you are a recent graduate looking for a skill to acquire to keep you relevant in the workplace and probably also financially independent, writing is definitely that skill to acquire. This article highlights 5 productive ways to engage your reader:

1. Grab the Readers Attention!
Grabbing the reader’s attention in the first 3 minutes of any write up is as important as how the write up is presented and concluded. Your introduction has to be compelling enough to encourage the reader to probe further to read what your article is all about. You can start your introduction by quoting reliable and relevant data to grab the reader’s attention.

2. Keep it Simple! 
Keeping everything about your write up simple can also be a good way to engage your reader. It goes without saying that there is beauty in keeping things simple. Short sentences and paragraphs are simple to read, easy to understand, and pleasurable. You can divide your content into headings and points to catch the eye cue of the reader and keep him interested in your information.

3. Present Facts
Before you start writing, do your homework and gather as much information and data as you can. Presenting this information and data in your write up creates the impression that you are knowledgeable with an understanding of the subject matter. This can lead to more engagement and interest from the reader.

4. Add Some Humor 
In presenting researched data, add some humour to mix to bring some fun to the write up and engage the reader.

5. Use Imagery and Infographics to illustrate your point 
The use of imagery has been researched to be a successful way to engage the reader especially when you are presenting big data. There are various websites online that offer free access to imageries and infographics to present big data. For professional help in writing articles to engage your audience contact Locateawriter www.locateawriter.com or email us on info@locateawriter.com and call on +2347089562787

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