Welcome to Locate A Writer, a trademark name of Avocado Global Concept. We encourage you to read these Terms of Use (“Terms” and/or “Terms of Use”) attentively before you start using our Website because by accessing and/or using our Website you, being a guest user or already a registered one, are agreeing to abide by these Terms.

Terms and Definitions Used In These Terms

  • “you” and/or “your” means you, the end user and the customer, accessing the Website, its contents and ordering/purchasing Services through the Website, and a company, enterprise or other institution if you buy any Services offered by us representing a company, enterprise, or other institution;
  • “we”, “our”, “us”, “ourselves” and/or “Locateawriter.com” mean Avocado Global Concept, a UK-based company with its address at Kemp House 152-160 City Road, London EC1V2NX.
  • “Order” means an Order you placed for Services through/ by means of this Website;
  • “Order Form” means this Website’s order form/registration form, or other signup or acceptance form, including any data that you specify there.
  • “Privacy Policy” means our privacy policy, which can is described on our Website;
  • “Services” mean digital writing services which are obtainable for acquisition through/by means of this Website.

Any utilization of the above mentioned terminology and/or alternative words and phrases used in various forms, including capitalization, singular, or plural, changing them for pronouns like he/she/they, are used synonymously, which means they are one and the same.


These Terms of Use together with Privacy Policy set out the whole of the agreement relating to the providing Services to you by us.
Our Privacy Policy (as this term defined herein) describes how information about you is collected, used and disclosed, and provides other important privacy information.
Please read these Terms and Privacy Policy attentively before you start using our Website.
In case you use the Website, you agree with this document of the Terms, together with our Privacy Policy, allow us to use your individual information as indicated in the Privacy Policy. If you disagree to any conditions included into this document, please stop utilizing this Website promptly.

This Website Is for Adult’s Use Only (Age 18 & Above)

We do not intentionally collect any information (including personal data) from, and our Website, information on the Website and/or our Services are not directed to children under the age of eighteen (18) years of age.


By continuing to use our Services you express and approve that (a) any information you give us is accurate and true; (b) you will keep this information up-to-date; (c) you are or over 18 years old and you legally be bounded by any agreements; and (d) when using our Website, you follow any applicable law, regulation.

When you desire to order our Services representing a company, enterprise, or other institution, then (i) you (as this term defined herein) includes you and that company, enterprise, or other institution, and (ii) you represent and warrant that you are authorized to bind this company, organization or other entity to our contract (counting these Terms), and that you accept our terms mentioned in this document as a representative of yourself and the company, organization or other entity.

By ordering/using our Services, you accept that your Services to you may be terminated without warning at our sole discretion, if you breach/ violate these Terms and/or we believe that you do not fit any or the whole of the representations and/or warranties set forth in these Terms.

User Identification

For compliance purposes, we may request additional information from you in order to confirm your identity. Such information may include request to provide us with scanned copies of your identification documents, last four digits of your credit/debit card or other identity and/or billing/payment information related documents.

You can be sure that any information provided by you (including personal data) shall be collected, stored and processed strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Formation Of The Contract

Keep in mind that all information and/or Services described in the Website is not an offer but only an invitation to treat.

Your Order is an offer to purchase Services from us. When you create your Order with us, you do so in accordance with the Terms and subject to our acceptance of your Order (offer to purchase Services). After you create an Order through our Website, an email will be sent to you within acknowledging the receipt of your Order, which includes you Order number. Keep in mind that acknowledgement of receipt of any Order (whether via email, telephone, SMS of otherwise) is only an acknowledgement and doesn’t mean that the particular Order is accepted.

If we haven’t notified you that we do not accept your Order (offer to purchase Services) or you have cancelled it, we accept your Order (or proposal to complete a purchase) in case we approve that you place your Order on our site. Upon accepting your Order, we have a legal binding obligation to deliver you the appropriate Services in accordance with these Terms.

We may choose not to accept your Order (offer to purchase Services) for any specific motive at our sole discretion and we will not be responsible for you or any other third parties in this matter. If we reject your Order (whether in whole or in part) we will issue a refund for any cost paid for the Order you placed (and/or any specific segment of that Order, which we did not welcome).


Writing is the main type of Services provided by us. By this Service we understand that an original text material will be provided upon an individual request of our Clients, namely tailored up to the specifications of the Orders placed on this Website.

Above-mentioned text material is seen as an original web-writing completed on a particular subject and within the required size. Writing is done by the expert writers working in our team who are professionals in various fields of studies. Web-writings may include, however, not be limited to: copyrighting/writing services/problem solving/multiple choice questions, etc. Any and all digital writings mentioned herein and other types of materials written under these Terms hereinafter shall be referred to as “Paper”.

We can easily take any text materials that you have written in order to proofread or edit it, checking them for any possible mistakes that include grammar, stylistic, punctuation, spelling, or if there are any parts with plagiarism.

Keep in mind that we reject plagiarism. Moreover, we fight it with all efforts and are dedicated to it. Submitting a plagiarized material under original text when ordering a proofreading/editing type of service shall be processed as a request for a completely new paper and will be priced under writing from scratch type of services. However, if our system does not track the plagiarism in the file you provided and we do proofread it for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, we are not responsible for any plagiarism left in the Paper.

The Paper will be provided in the format requested by you. This can be a Word document file (.doc, .docx), an Excel file (.csv), and any other file format, if our writer can provide your Paper within such a format. Keep in mind that the final format of the Paper is accessible for download only after your order is approved and payment has been made.

Accessing the Website

While filling in the Website’s Order Form we shall ask you to provide us with accurate and complete information/instructions about your Order.

By using this Website, you warrant that all data and information provided by you about your Order is true, accurate and up to date. All information about you that you give us, we process in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Order Placement

Right after you take a decision to Order our Website Services, you can use the Order Form on it. (Please consider that to order a Paper is possible only by completing our Order Form.) Alternatively, our support agents can order for you through the very same Order Form. You must precisely and attentively include all the individual information required from you together with the information needed to complete the Order in the Order Form. You fall under the responsibility for any possible consequences, delays and misunderstandings if you provided us with inaccurate and/or incorrect information about yourself and/or the Order Form.

Order Fulfilment

After the Paper you ordered is completed, it will be sent to you via email and should you approve, you can then proceed to download it.
If your Order is for editing or proofreading services, we shall not change over 30% of the text initially provided.

Warranties and Representations

We need to establish that neither Paper you receive nor our Website will be used only for legal intentions. Also, we want you to be sure that the Services of this Website are in full conformity with all relevant conditions. To make this possible, a system of shared guarantees and representations was organized, which are valid for both you and us.
By agreeing with these Terms of Use, you accept, warrant and represent to us that:

  • You have viewed and learned this document.
  • All ideas, details and/or information utilized from the Paper will be cited properly.
  • The Papers are provided to you solely as patterns, for investigation, quotation purposes, and/or to enable you apply for jobs, in the case of a resume..
  • You accept that all Papers are received from writers working freelance. They give their rights for the created materials together with a property right to our partners and/or affiliates.
  • You completely agree with the fact that LocateaWriter.com takes a compensation for the efforts and time spent for collecting, regulating, improving, rearranging, publishing, and bringing the completed materials with references and the supply, control, and promotion of the Website.
  • You agree not to use, duplicate, share, post, correct, exhibit or write copied works based on the text materials received from this Website unless you received our previously written consent.
  • You accept that provided Papers are to be utilized for your reference/research and personal use only. Copies are not to be made for its distribution, moreover, the paper and none of its parts is to be used without an appropriate reference.
  • You are not to write your name on any of the received Papers from this Website. Subject to this document, you are given the license to use the Paper for personal and non-commercial uses only. However, you are not granted any economic and/or moral intellectual property rights.
  • You are to inform us of accurate, true and up to date information requests from us in any available form.
  • You agree not to pass the Paper to any educational institution, therefore we do not guarantee any particular grade mark, nor claim for your money back in case your assessment was unsatisfactorily.

Nevertheless, we warrant and represent you the following:

  • We possess acceptable intellectual property rights, which help us give you the required right to utilize the Paper as mentioned in these Terms.
  • We do not excuse, spur, or consciously make plagiarism real in the completed materials, take deceitful actions or participate in academic fraud.

An acceptable level of plagiarism is lower than 10%. If the plagiarism level of the completed paper exceeds 10%, then you are eligible to receive a refund or a revision if such is still needed. Keep in mind that references and properly cited information, clichéd phrases such as connectors, idioms and/or standard phrases are not considered plagiarism and are, consequently, not included in the calculation of the plagiarism level of a paper.

  • We agree to follow all reasonable instructions initially stated in the order page.
  • Any needed research is to be completed by us to deliver the ordered Paper.


A limited amount of opportunities is provided by us for you to claim back the money you have paid for your order (to receive a refund). Only the original payment source can receive the refund.

Intellectual Property Rights

Website Content
The contents our Website as well as it on the whole, including, however, not restricted to, its source code, scripts, text, photographs, animation, video, software, HTML code, web apps, artwork, images, design, and audio (collectively, “Website Materials”) are protected by national and international copyright laws and treaties. All copyright and other intellectual property rights in the Website and the Website Materials are either possessed wholly by or are licensed to us.
Such Website Materials are provided for your information and personal use only and are not to be used for purposes of a business or commercial enterprise. You are not allowed to change, publish, issue or otherwise replicate any Website Materials supplied to you or that appears on the pages of this Website without prior receiving our written consent. Any unauthorized copying, alteration, distribution, transmission, performance, display, or alternative use of the Website’s Materials is prohibited.
Paper Copyright
You acknowledge that we are the sole and exclusive owner of the intellectual property for the Paper, and you shall do nothing inconsistent with such ownership, except as provided in the Copyright License clause hereunder. You further agree that you won’t claim any rights as for the Paper, or any compilation, derivative, series of sequel. You accept that no part of these Terms shall give you any right, title, or interest in the Paper other than the right to use one in accordance with these Terms. You admit the validity of all copyrights for the Paper and all associated intellectual property rights, and acknowledges that all and any rights that might be acquired by you because of your utilization of the Paper shall inure to our sole benefit.
Copyright License
We hereby grant to you an non-exclusive, non-sublicensable (non-transferable), perpetual worldwide license to use and/or copy the Paper for reference of research purposes and only your private or personal use only. It may not be used for any alternative purpose without our written permission.
You hereby accept such license and that you are not to use the Paper except in accordance with this document. You admit and approve that you are not to: (1) distribute or sell the Paper in any way, (2) modify/ adapt/ translate the Paper, (3) make any improvements, (4) incorporate into another work /with other intellectual property rights, (5) make any publications and distribution of Paper, (6) share Paper with others, and/or (7) insert your name into the completed Paper.
You accept that delivered Paper is completed for you only as an example, model of the requested document type for research purposes. All text and/or other material from the Paper used in any way in an original paper completed by you shall be attributed to LocateaWriter.com and appropriately cited. The delivered Paper is not to be used to complete any online assignments and/or tests. Moreover, the online facilities provided by our Website are not to be used to take any kind of online. The Paper is not to be used for obtaining any mark, grade or any achievement in any way connected with academics.
The rights granted to you under this document, including Copyright License, shall terminate immediately upon your breach of any part of the Terms of Use, and you must (at our choice) give back or delete all copies of the Paper you may have made pursuant to rights granted under this document.
Revision Guarantee
We shall revise papers delivered to you in all the cases of possible free revisions. Please note that we are not liable to revise any paper we do not acknowledge needs revision for free, based on our discretion.
Communications Procedure
Our goal is to guarantee and make possible proper communication between us and you. To achieve effective communication, please give us your valid phone number, email address and/or any other means of reaching you so that we can inform you of important order updates and the latest promotional materials.
We will primarily communicate with you by e-mail. You acknowledge that you will connect electronically with us and our Support Team. You accept to receive any communications electronically from us and that all notices, disclosures, agreements and other communications made between us electronically satisfy any legal necessities that such notifications be made in writing. You are responsible for ensuring your ability to receive e-mails from our Website. All our communication is subject to our Privacy Policy.
We will use the communication means provide by you to send of you all needed messages, requests, inquiries, clarification or any other vital information about your cooperation with us.
By agreeing to these Terms of Use, you express your explicit consent to receive promotional and marketing materials, notifications and advertisement to keep you up to date about our promotional offers, sales, discounts, etc.
To stop receiving promotional SMS and/or email notifications from our Website, please contact our Customer Support Team and inform them of your wish. After we receive your request, promotional materials will be stopped being sent to you within 10 business days through the medium indicated by you (SMS and/or email).
To keep you comfortable, we will follow the below-stated communication rules:
● The sender’s physical address, together with other important sender information such as the website name, phone number and an unsubscribe link, which will allow you to unsubscribe with one-click, will all be included in our marketing and advertising emails.
● We promise to always clearly indicate all advertisement messages as such.
● Complains and unsubscribe requests are processed by us within ten (10) business days without unreasonable delay.
● We will not charge you additionally for any complain, feedback, opt-out request as well cancellation of subscription. All complaints are processed free of charge.
Limitation of Liability
You accept to discharge and hold our employees, directors, agents, affiliates/partners, officers, shareholders, representatives, subsidiaries, agencies connected with advertising and promotion fulfilment, us, all third-party providers of information/data sources harmless of all and any damages, rights, losses, claims and actions which may rise from or in any way relate to the text materials, which may include but not be limited to: (a) unsuccessful, imperfect, distorted or late transmission of computer; (b) electronic, software, hardware, Internet, network, phone, email, computer failures, difficulties or breakdowns of any kind; (c) any kind of damages, losses, injuries rising from or connected to the use of our Services; (d) any kind of condition or disorder triggered by any events that are out of our control, which may have caused the late, corrupted or disrupted delivery of the text material; or (e) any kind errors connected with typography or print of any of the materials in connection to our Service.
Additionally, you accept to indemnify, defend and hold us unharmed from any possible demand or suite, claim, which may include those of attorney fees, created by a third party because of your use of our Service, your breach of violation of any part of these Terms of Use or any rights of a third party, any other omission or act by you.
Links from the Website
Links leading to our website may be found on our site. This means that by clicking on them or following them you will leave this research and appear on the pages of the linked websites. You may use those websites in accordance with their terms of use, stated on their resource. We are not responsible for the content available on a resource linked by our website or any fees in connected to transmission received from the linked sites.
Every so often we might create partnerships with third parties that will allow you to gain access to the websites of such third parties straight from our Website. The links contained on the Website, as well as on any other websites including different resources supplied by third parties are provided for your information only. We do not control the content of any of other resources or websites, and accept no responsibility or liability for them including any damage or loss that may arise from your utilization of them.
Surveys, Feedbacks and Testimonials
To provide a feedback and/or a testimonial to our Website, please contact us. Hereby by accessing and/or utilizing this Website you give us your consent to post your first name/initials along with your testimonial on our Website.
Any feedback/ testimonial you provide to us shall be considered to be non-confidential. We shall be free to use such data on the unlimited grounds. Thereafter, by providing the feedback/review, you present and warrant that (i) Your feedback/ review does not hold private/confidential or proprietary details of you or of third parties; (ii) we are not under any obligation of confidentiality, express or are implied, with respect to the feedback/ testimonial; (iii) you are not eligible for any kind compensation or reimbursement for the feedback/ testimonial under any circumstances.
From time to time, we may ask you to provide us with your video testimonial for marketing purposes. By accepting these Terms of Use and providing us with your video testimonial, you hereby authorize us to make any copies of it, publications, spread around, make it publicly accessible in any possible way or otherwise use and disclose the video testimonial material as well as any other information used in the testimonial for purposes of marketing and publicizing our Services, or for any other lawful purpose. This authorization shall be used on the Website, or our (or our subsidiaries’ and/or affiliates’) YouTube channel and social media platforms.
You hereby release us from all claims for damages of any kind based on the use of your video testimonial, information provided within the video testimonial.
You agree that you will make no monetary or other claims against us for the use of your written and/or video testimonials.
We may ask you to participate in a survey connected with the quality assessment in order for us to improve based on the feedback you provide. The questions may be connected with your received papers, the cooperation with us or communication with our Customer Support Representatives. These kinds of invitations are usually sent within 3 weeks after the approval of your order.
Notification of Changes
We expressly reserve the right to change this document from time to time without notice to you. You recognize and accept that it is your responsibility to review the Website together with these Terms from time to time and to familiarize yourself with any modifications. Your continued utilization of the Website after such alterations will establish approval of the changed Terms and acceptance to abide and be bound by the modified Terms.
The Terms of Use applicable to your utilization of our Website will be those in force at the time you access the Website.
These Terms are to remain in effect for as long as you use our Services (“Term”). Either of us may terminate these Terms at any given time, with or without cause, by giving the other party notice of such termination. No Commission Fee (and/or credits) shall accrue or be earned by you after the Term.
Upon termination of these Terms, (a) all licenses hereunder shall terminate and (b) you shall immediately destroy any Papers delivered to you together with their copies.
Final Provisions
A complete understanding is shaped by this document between you and us. Verbal or written information is not to be trusted unless it specifically refers to this document.
If you or we are not able to impose the execution of any part of this Terms of Use, it does not relinquish the rights to implement any other part of this document in the future.
This document and no part of it creates any kind of joint venture, employee-employer relationship and/or partnership between you and us. It also does not authorize neither you, nor us to act as a representative or agent of each other.
Third parties do not get any rights resulting from these Terms. Moreover, third party obligations are not to be created based on these Terms.
The English language is the only one used for the communication between us and you as well as most transactions conducted through this website.
If any authority is not able to enforce any paragraph found within this Terms of Use, the provisions stated therein are to be changed in a way to allow it to be enforceable.
The headings of this document are used in order to make the document more legible. However, the connotation of the requirements of these terms is not restricted to that of the headings of different section. Headings shall not be considered during the interpretation of the document.
Both we and you accept that this document (Terms of Use) is governed by the laws of the UK and Nigeria.
Date of latest update: 11th September 2022.
The electronic form of this Term of Use shall have equal legal force as if signed in ink.


Privacy Policy
Welcome to LocateaWriter.com, a trademark name of Avocado Global Concept and the subsidiaries it has (“LocateAWriter”, “we”, “us” or “our”).
Your privacy is really important to us and we take it very seriously. Therefore, we ask you to read this Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) carefully as it explains you important information about, among others:
● About Your Consent
● What Information We Collect about You
● How Long We Keep Your Information
● How We Share Your Information, Including Categories of Recipients of Personal Data
● Where the Personal Data of Yours Can Be Processed
● About Marketing and Opting out
● About Your Rights
● Whom You Can Complaint To
● About Children
● How to Contact Us
We encourage you to take some time to read this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use, in order to be sure that you understand our personal information related policies and are comfortable with providing us with your personal data.
If, while reading this Privacy Policy, you find some undefined terms, it has the same meaning as in our Terms of Use. If you for some reason(s) do not agree with any provision of this Privacy Policy, then you should not access or use the Website and our Services. If you have any questions and/or concerns about this Privacy Policy, you can contact us at any time via email.
Why We Collect and Process Your Personal Data
We are extremely serious about your privacy and use your personal information exceptionally for legal reasons and in compliance with personal data protection law, for purposes such as:
● to provide you with the Services you request;
● to ensure that our Website content is presented on your device in the most effective way;
● to contact you in relation to an ordering process;
● to carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered into between you and Locate A Writer.
● to manage your orders, including processing refunds and providing notifications;
● to keep our Website safe and secure;
● to notify you about changes in our Services;
● to respond to, and handle any comments, queries or complaints addressed by you regarding the Website and our Services, and any similar comments, queries or complaints from other customers;
● to conduct research, statistical and behavioral analysis;
● to contact you for marketing purposes, where applicable;
● to manage our website and for domestic operations, including diagnostic, analysis of data, testing, investigation, survey purposes, and statistical use;
● to make suggestions and recommendations to you and other customers of our site about services that may interest you or them.
Legal Reasons for Handling of Your Information
We may only handle your personal data by having a certain legal ground to that end (i.e. “legal basis” in terms of GDRP). For the purposes of this Policy, our legal basis for processing for your personal data is:
● your consent which is necessary for certain types of processing (for direct marketing, for example);
● because the handling is required for the fulfillment of a contract between you and Locate A Writer or for us to take any necessary prior steps before entering into such a contract, on condition that we do this exceptionally per your request;
● our legitimate interest in:
● protecting Locate A Writer and our customers from attempts to engage in fraudulent transactions (for our fraud detection processes);
● protecting the security of your account;
● providing quality customer support;
● to comply with a legal obligation.
Your Consent
Before we can process your personal data, we will ask you to give your consent for certain processing activities. Please note that if you have earlier expressed your consent you may freely withdraw such consent at any time via email. If you withdraw your consent, and if we do not have another legal ground for processing, then we will cease handling your personal data. Please be advised that in case we need to handle your personal data for the purpose of managing the Website and/or providing our Services, but you argue or do not agree with us handling your personal information, the Website and/or our Services may become not accessible for you.
What Information We Collect About You
During your use of the Website and our Services we can collect your personal and non-personal data and we can collect it in a few different ways.
Personal Data
Information We Collect Directly from You
● Information which you provide us with by filling in our Order Form or by corresponding with us by phone, email or otherwise. This includes information you provide when you ordering Services on the Website, submit certain materials for your Paper, take part in a survey, and when you report a problem. The information you give us may include:
● your name;
● email address;
● password;
● phone number, and
● details of your academic profile.
This data is necessary for the adequate performance of the contract between you and Locate A Writer and to allow us to carry out our legal obligations arising from this contract.
● Additionally, if you wish, you may also complete a survey on your profile and provide us with the following information:
● your place of birth;
● birth date;
● your gender;
● your academic level;
● your academic major (area of study); and
● your family status.
The judicial reason for handling this information is our legitimate interests in improving our Services and providing quality service support.
Information from Third Parties
We may work with certain third parties (for example, business partners, sub-contractors, payment service providers, analytics providers) and we also may receive some information about you from them. We do not browse or save your payment card information. Third-party service providers, process your payment card information when you use a payment card to place an Order on our Website. So, we advise you thoroughly examine our Privacy Policy of corresponding payment service provider. However, they may provide us with certain your personal data which may include:
● your payment card holder name;
● email registered, and
● your address.
Information We Collect Automatically
When you use our Services or access our Website, we automatically collect non-personally identifiable information but which potentially may be used to identify you personally. This includes data about your device, browser, OS, your IP-address, general location information (country) and time zone, and the date and time of each of your session on our Website.
This information may be collected through various technologies, including server logs, cookies and similar technologies (web beacons, for example).
Non-Personal Data
Information We Collect Directly from You
We may also collect from you certain non-personal data, including any materials you provide us for your Paper and password of your profile.
How Long We Keep Your Information
We will maintain your information exceptionally until we may need it according to the conditions given in ‘Why We Collect and Process Your Personal Data’ section. If necessary, we can hold information for over a longer period of time in order to adhere to our legislative or regulatory liabilities.
How We Share Your Information (Including Categories Of Recipients Of Personal Data)
Your personal data can be shared with other third parties as follows:
● Any of the third parties accomplish some specific actions on our behalf which include the processing of the personal data provided by you. We give those third parties an availability of the personal data of yours only when it is required so.
● Your personal data can be rendered to the external organizations and agencies, which allows to avoid and notice any fraud actions (including but not limited to the fraudulent transactions) or illegal actions.
● Your personal data can be sold, divulge, or transmitted being a part of a corporate business transactions, which is related to the merger, financing, joint venture, acquisition, corporate reorganization, or sale of company assets, or in the unlikely event of insolvency, receivership, or bankruptcy, when the data could be rendered to the third- parties as a business asset in the transaction.
● Your personal data may be transferred to any third parties in case we have an obligation to reveal and give your personal data for the purpose of observing any juridical responsibility (according to the court order).
● Any cumulative non-personal data related to the visitors of our Website, sales and traffic patterns, including the partners of ours and the third parties.
● Your personal data can be rendered to the third parties in case you give us your prior affirmative consent. You can provide us with it in the written form or online by means of “click-through” agreements; by accepting the terms related to the disclosure of some specific Services; in oral form while communicating with the Customer Support Representatives of our Website.
Categories of Recipients of Personal Data
Our Service Providers
We may disclose your personal data to third-party contractors, service providers and partners who complete transactions or provide us with certain services (for example, payment card processing, billing, customer service, auditing, and marketing). We will ensure they have appropriate measures in place to protect your data.
Our Affiliates
To enable and support us in providing the Services, we may also transfer your personal data within our group of companies (to an affiliate, or a subsidiary company).
We may disclose your personal data to others: (i) if we got your actual agreement to do so; (ii) to fulfill an actual subpoena, legitimate order, court order, legal procedure, or other legal responsibility; (iii) to implement any of our Terms of Use or policies; (iv) as necessary to pursue accessible legal remedies or safeguard judicial claims; or (v) to fulfill our judicial responsibilities. We may also pass your personal information in case of any reconfiguration, merging, selling, joint enterprise, appointment, handover or any similar management of the whole or any part of our business, stock or assets, including, but not limited to, in relation to going bankrupt or other corresponding event. Any entity of the kind that we pass personal data to will not handle your personal information apart from as outlined in this Privacy Policy without giving you notice and, if necessary according to the applicable laws, getting your agreement.
We may disclose aggregated, anonymous information (i.e. information from which you cannot be personally identified) to selected third parties, including analytics and search engine providers to assist us in the improvement and optimization of the Website and our Services. In this case we do not disclose any data which can identify you personally in any way.
Where the Personal Data Can Be Processed
We can share the personal data we gather about you with the third parties located within the countries which have the jurisdiction that differs from the one of the country you live in. This is usually related to the countries which are not regarded as a part of European Economic Area. The jurisdictions provide various types of safety and security regarding the personal data and, in some cases, may be not safer in comparison with the jurisdiction of the country you are located in. This Privacy Policy guarantees that we provide you with a security of your personal data. As a result, you give your consent that we may transmit, process, and store the personal data of yours beyond the bounds of the European Economic Area.
Marketing and Opting-Out
If you previously gave us your consent, we may contact you through electronic messaging services including emails, text messages and similar services about our Services, promotions and special offers which may be interested to you.
If you wish to exercise this right, you should contact us by sending an email or through the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our marketing emails.
Your Rights
As a data subject (in terms of GDPR) you have rights with regard to personal data you provided us with. Please note that we may ask you to verify your identity before taking further action on your request. Therefore, you have:
● right of access to your personal data. There’s the right for you to obtain your personal data that is stored or processed about you. Your request may be subject to a small fee depending on certain circumstances and depending on when you request this right.
● right of rectification. If your personal data are wrong, incorrect or not complete, you have the right to obtain correction of your data.
● right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’). You can ask to remove your data in case:
● you withdraw your consent to the processing and there is no other legal ground for the processing;
● you object to the processing and there are no overriding legitimate grounds for the processing;
● you object to the processing for direct marketing;
● your data have been unlawfully processed, or
● when processing personal data of children.
● right to restrict the processing of your personal data, for example where the personal data is inaccurate or where you have objected to the processing.
● right to object to processing of your personal data based on our legitimate interest. You can always object to the processing of personal data about you for direct marketing and profiling in connection to such marketing.
● right to request not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, for example where a computer program makes decisions which affect your contractual rights.
● right to data portability. You have a right to receive your personal data that you have provided to us in a machine-readable format. Where secure and technically feasible such data can be transmitted to another data controller by us.
Your request to exercise your rights will be assessed given the circumstances in every individual case. Please note that we may also preserve and use your data to respond to our legal commitments, settle disputes, and ensure compliance with the agreement. When submitting your request, please put it in written form by sending an email to our Customer Support Team.
If you have any concerns about how we collect or process your data you have the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority, which is Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection:
1 Iasonos str., 1082 Nicosia
P.O.Box 23378, 1682 Nicosia
Tel: +357 22818456
Fax: +357 22304565
Email: commissioner_dataprotection.gov.cy
Our Website and our Services are not aimed for children below 18 years of age. No person who is below 18 years of age has a right to share with us any personal data. We do not deliberately or purposely gather personal data from children below 18 years of age. In case you are below 18 years of age, you shall not use this Website or leave any information on it or through our Services, purchase anything on it, or provide us with any information, which may include your name, address, phone number, your e-mail, nickname or user name. In case we find out that we have gathered any personal data from any child below 18, such information will be deleted. In case you assume there’s any data from or about a child below 18, please get in touch with us via email.
Final Provisions
The SSL-certificate used to process all the information submitted to the order and/or inquiry forms guarantees full confidentially of your information and the safety of all the transactions submitted through these forms. To restrict access of any third party to the collected personal details of our clients, we shall take all reasonable efforts. Our employees are to be properly instructed and trained to keep the safety of provided information. This Privacy Policy document forms a complete understanding between you and us. Neither party of the agreement, nor you, nor us, shall have confidence in any oral or written details not expressly included in this Privacy Policy. Notices and reports of this document are to be considered as learned and read when 1 day passes from the moment the report or notice was sent. This document may be changed, adjusted, revised at our absolute and sole discretion with any issued notices or warnings.
Contacting Us
You are welcome to ask questions, give us your comments, and send us requests in relation to our Privacy Policy to our email. The agreement of the Privacy Policy is concluded in electronic form, which equals in legislative force to that signed in ink.
Date of latest update: 11th September 2022.